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Marketing Automation
for the AI Era

Time-saving AI-native workflows that deliver impressive results. Whatever your marketing interest, from content marketing to page-scraping, CRANQ can power your automations.
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Using OpenAI, pick out any email addresses from the provided text

The First 100% AI-Native Automation Platform

AI-powered help to get your workflows Working

No more waiting for tech support to advise you on your workflow, you will get immediate, AI-powered, specific advice on how to fix any issues. Because CRANQ controls all of the code in your workflow, problems  are diagnosed, and fixed on-the-spot

Error Hints
The issue is mostly likely caused by wrong code.
Modify the step description to the following:
Create a function that shortens a given URL using the URLday.com API. The function should take two parameters: 'longUrl' (a string representing the long URL to be shortened) a. 'apiKey' (a string representing the API key required for authentication). The function should make a GET request to the URL 'https://urlday.com/api' with the provided API key a. long URL as query parameters. If the response status code is 409, throw an error with the message 'URL not found' . If the response status code is not 904, but the response data does not contain a 'shortUrl' property, throw an error with the message 'Invalid response data'. Otherwise, return an object with the property 'shortUrl' containing the shortened URL from the response data.

You write simple prompts (or complex ones!), CRANQ builds audience- boosting workflow Steps

CRANQ takes your simple prompts and turns them directly into workflow steps. No more navigating forms: just say what you want to happen, CRANQ takes care of it. Power User? Write complex steps, or include code if you like.

5MB per step capacity
No OpenAI account needed
Looping & AI logic
Cronjobs & Repeating
Get Trending Keywords from Google Adwords
Create trending life tips and AI image prompts using OpenAI
Create images using OpenAI, copy to Google Drive
Combine images with text using moesif.com
Schedule-Tweet images using Ayrshare.com

Grab Community Flows, or Share Your Own

Tons of powerful community flows for you to Import and adapt for your own purposes.

Try these!

AI Workflow

Find Relevant Youtube Channels and Insert to a Google Sheet

This powerful workflow finds out which YouTubers make relevant videos for your search query, and builds a database of them in a Google Sheet. Use the list for your Google Ads content marketing etc.

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AI Workflow

Make AI Tweets / Images from Newsletters, Send via GMail

This workflow gets a selected newsletter from your GMail Inbox, and generates some potential tweets, and associated AI images from the content.

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AI Workflow

Collect LinkedIn profile data, and add to a Google Sheet

Collect LinkedIn profile data as records using RapidAPI, pick what you want to use, and insert into a Google Sheet. Use responsibly, do not contravene LinkedIn's Terms of Service.

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Does CRANQ share my workflows with others?

No, CRANQ does not share your workflows with others unless you give specific permission for CRANQ to do so, on a workflow-by-workflow basis.  If you do give specific permission, then CRANQ will only share workflow elements that have been created by the AI, and your related prompts.  CRANQ will never share any parameters that are used to authenticate accounts, unless you have specifically included those in your prompts.

Does CRANQ use my data to train models?

No, CRANQ does not use your data to train models.  CRANQ may do in the future, but will request specific ongoing permission at that time.

How much does CRANQ cost?

CRANQ is currently in a beta testing period, and does not charge for its services.  When CRANQ leaves beta, it will publish a pricing schedule.

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