About us

Hi everyone, we are CRANQ.ai, founded in 2023 with offices in London and Budapest. We want to help you build traffic fast, and cost-effectively, with audience-building workflows and growth hacks that harness generative AI for you and your business.

The CRANQ team originally formed to build a graphical coding environment called CRANQ.io, a powerful and original invention which was sadly too unfamiliar to gain broad acceptance. Inspired by the possibilities offered by AI coding, CRANQ now operates CRANQ.ai, the world's first workflow automation platform entirely powered by AI on-demand generative coding.

Have fun using CRANQ.ai!

Meet The Team

Toby Rowland
CEO & Co-Founder

Toby is a tech entrepreneur who loves starting with a blank page, and building a strong business. Former roles have included CEO & Co-founder of Mangahigh.com (sold to Westermann Publishing), Co-CEO & Co-Founder of King.com (now Candy Crush Saga), VP Marketing uDate.com (sold to Match.com), and COO & Co-Founder of ClickMango.com. Toby lives in London and plays a lot of VR.

Csaba Kallai
Hungary Team Leader

Csaba is an accomplished developer and development manager, with broad experience in both the financial and the startup world. He managed teams of developers and automation engineers - most notably - at LogMeIn and Dealogic. He lives near Budapest with his family, and likes to unwind by hitting the boxing bag or listening to hardcore punk after a day of Sisyphean tinkering with his home automation system.

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